7 Responses to “Studying the American Republic”

  1. Robert A. Vella Says:


  2. Small “r” republicanism | The Commonwealthmen Says:

    […] political framework that sends us back to the times of the Neanderthal. In fact, a thorough reading of original source materials reveals small-r republicanism to be radical, even in the 21st century, […]

  3. The Surveillance State | The Commonwealthmen Says:

    […] Don’t take my word for it; I’m just another blogger with an opinion. Read for yourself. Read the original source material that founded this […]

  4. Wasteland of the Free | The Commonwealthmen Says:

    […] the single, biggest threat to the neo-liberal creed – and until Americans recognize that it is worth studying Jeffersonian republicanism once again,  Main Street America itself will be washed away in the deluge that is already upon […]

  5. Robert C. Olcott Says:

    My copy of ‘The Writings of Thomas Paine’ did not include his treatise on Women’s Rights. I only recently became aware of the role of Gayanashagowa [the Iroquois ‘constitution-‘written’ between 1095 and 1150 A.D.] in the development of the U.S. Constitution–per a 1988 Congressional Resolution (#331). I thought it interesting that Iroquois Women had the Rights to: Assert, Debate, Vote, and Declare War, almost 900 years before we amended our US constitution to afford them the vote.

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